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We are a full line home, lawn and farm supply store.  Shopping with us is a genuine on the farm experience.  We are members of the local Powhatan Chamber of Commerce, promoting local businesses.

The “Animals” tab on the menu has information about feeding, caring, etc for different animals. 


Photo Gallery of Inside of Store


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Some of our key vendors:

 PURLOGO  We sell a complete line of  Purina feed.   Purina’s commitment to research keeps them on the leading edge of nutritional science; offering quality feeds and supplements for all your animals nutritional needs. 

 Pennington Seeds    

 Wetsels (now BFG, Inc.)

Muck Boot Company 

  Husqvarna.  For over 300 years Husqvarna has continually strived to make life  easier by manufacturing user-friendly products.  We sell chainsaws, accesories, mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, and tillers.





We have exportered to the island of Bermuda since 1986.

Consolidated container services and procurement available

Contact Gene Hertzler at 804-598-4021


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