From A Grandma’s Perspective


 The following are devotionals (reflections on God’s truths) that have been inspired by my three precious granddaughters and grandson.

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Stories about Emily Nicole

Stories about Lauren Anne

Cute Sayings by Emily Cute Sayings by Lauren
Gentle In the Image of God
Obedience Two Steps-Then Four
One Burned Out Light God’s Heart
Yummy Bye Mommy
Just Like Mommy Me
I Cum’ Bin That’s My Grandma!
Copy Cat Footprints
Heavy (Heb’be)   
I Growin’  
See Ya Next Year!  
I A Little Bit Afraid  
Wild Onions  
You’re Fat  


Hide_Seek-Karla_Emily-2008      Hide_Seek-Ryan_Lauren-2008 



Stories about Karla Grace

Stories about Ryan Darrel

Cute Sayings by Karla Cute Sayings by Ryan
Rock-Rock Just Like Grandpa
The Game of Life  
I Don’t Like That  
Going to Kindergarten  
God Speaks  
Letters by Karla  


Life’s Perspective – Other Writings

Choices (From Prison Ministry Perspective)
Fear Sat On My Cushion
Mary Magdalene
Mary-The Wonder of Wonders
Temple or Church
A Cracked Mug
My Bull Story
The Parable of the Cows
A Warning
The Day After…November 5, 2008
The Parable of the Lost Lamb
A Seed of Faith
The Power of the Gospel
Words of Life
The Tale of Two Trees
Back in the Good Ole Days
The Parable of the Prodigal’s Son


Healing by Jill Hertzler Hostetter


Bible Studies

I Tell You the Truth


Fun Things

Sayings Taken from Animals
Sayings Taken from Weather