Fall Crops




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Fall is a wonderful time to plant a second round of vegetables.  Some of my best crops have been in the fall.  If planted in August, you can harvest a second crop of snaps, cucumbers and squash.  Cool weather crops such as peas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes, lettuce, etc. I plant the end of August to the middle of September.  Worms and bugs are not as much of a problem in the fall as the weather is getting cooler.  

Fall is also a good time to prepare the land for winter.  Mow off weeds, pull up tomato stakes, till under mulch and humus, and plant winter “green manure” crops such as clover and/or cover rye.  In the spring the “green manure” crops can be tilled into the soil for added humus and nutrients.  Clover adds nitrogen to the soil.

Frost date:  October 26 is considered the first fall frost dates for the central Virginia area.  However, remember, that depending on the season this can vary.  It can catch you unprepared!!! 

Check out this web site of North Carolina State University-Growing a Fall Garden.

Pat’s 2002 Fall Gardening Calendar

Date Description
September 14 I mowed and then tilled the garden.   Planted fall crops; lettuce, radishes, spinach and turnips. It is later than I wish this year but we have had such a hot and dry season.  We are still eating okra, tomatoes and peppers.