Hertzlers Finest Beef

Beef Cows

Local – Our Own Farm Raised Angus 


All Natural – Dry-Aged

Omega 3 Enhanced



About our beef….

Our beef is raised naturally with no added hormones, or growth stimulates.  Our cattle are fed hay along with a  high quality Omega -3 enhanced grain ration for a number of months to “marble” the meat, making it tender, juicy and flavorful.

Immediately after our meat is slaughtered, it goes through a two-week dry aging process.  This is a very important step as it tenderizes the meat naturally.

Our beef is USDA approved.

“Wet Age” versus “Dry Age”

Most meat on the market is “wet” aged which means they only let it hang 1-2 days.  It is then vacuumed sealed in a solution as a preservative during shipping.


Beef Price Sheet 

Hertzlers Finest Beef-Cut Sheet

Recipes –(Here are some of  Pat’s basic recipes.)


Testimonials from beef customers…  

  • February 18, 2009:  Mr. and Mrs. Hertzler, Thank you so much for all the personalized attention given my wife and I  during our first visit to your farm. It gives us faith about America and the values that made us great. Moving from the city to Powhatan has been a blessing. I will never buy a steak from any grocery chain after having your Delmonico’s for our Valentines dinner and fresh eggs.   We can’t wait to visit again!  Sincerely, Don & Susie Rommell.
  •  September 2011: A lady purchased our beef at the local farmers market. She said she was allergic to beef but decided to give our beef a try since it was dry-aged and no preservatives are added. She is so happy-she can eat our beef.