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At Hertzlers we care about your needs and offer service with a smile. Our hands on experience with farming enables us to offer practical expertise and knowledge of our products. We have been serving Powhatan and surrounding counties since 1983.



We are Hometown USA!

Our commitment is to help preserve our rural communities and make shopping a pleasant experience for the entire family. We are family owned and offer a genuine "on the farm" experience. We are even located "down a country lane"!


June Tips and Happenings....

  • We still have some baby chicks arriving.  Check the list under "Events" to see what is available, when they are arriving and the price. You may reserve by calling 804-598-4021.
  • We have full-grown Red Sex Link and White Leghorn pullets and roosters for sale. Please bring a box or carrying cage to carry them home in. The hens are $7.75 each and roosters are $8.50.
  • This is now summer maintenance and harvesting time in the garden.  Nothing beats a fresh tomato sandwich, or cucumber salad. As soon as you have tomatoes the size of a quarter give them a dose of "rot stop" to prevent Blossom End Rot on your tomatoes.  I take a quart of the concentrate (we sell it in the store) and mix into 5 gallons of water. I divide it between 10-16 plants. One treatment is usually all you need.
  • If you need to use chemicals for bug control, use a liquid versus a powder. If you spray the liquid in the evening when the bees are not active, it will dry before they land on the plant and will not harm the bees. The powder they take back to the hive.
  • Remember to use Hertzler's Finest Beef for all you summer grilling and cooking adventures this summer!  The flavor of our natural, dry-aged beef can not be beat!
  • Don't forget to feed your roses all summer long. I use Bayer All-in-One Rose and Flower Care every six weeks. It is a fungicide, insecticide and fertilizer all in one.  My roses are gorgeous right now, blooming profusely. They have enjoyed the cooler nights and less humid weather.
  • Check out Pat's blog called "Country Chatter" about life in the country and on the farm.



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