Welcome to Hertzlers where we care about your needs and offer service with a smile.  Our hands on experience with  farming enable us to offer practical expertise and knowledge of our products.  We have been serving Powhatan since 1983.

 We are Hometown USA

 Our commitment is to help preserve our rural communities and make shopping a pleasant experience for the entire family.  We are family owned and offer a genuine "on the farm" experience. 


December Tips and Happenings ..... 

  • Unexpected surprise.... Red Sex Link pullets have arrived. This batch is full-beaked. Please bring a cage or box to carry them home in. We do not supply boxes.
  • We have stock tank heaters, heated buckets and heated bases for poultry waterers in stock.
  • Fresh pecans from off the farm at Hertzlers for sale.
  • I am now accepting orders for "Friendship Cakes" for Christmas. Call 804-598-4021 to place your order. $7.75 each.  White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake and Cinnamon Pecan.
  • Check out Pat's blog called "Country Chatter" about life in the country and
  • There was a new law in 2014 concerning the sale of fertilizer. They are removing phosphorus out of "established lawn" fertilizer to help preserve the Cheasapeake Bay. It is still in "starter lawn" and "garden" fertilizer.  5-10-10 and 10-10-10 are considered garden fertilizers and are not suppose to be sold as lawn fertilizer.  19-19-19 is considered a pasture fertilizer.